Slate of 2018-2019 Officers & Directors Announced

As the 2017-2018 season comes to a close, we are excited to announce the 2018-19 slate of officers and board directors. A vote will take place during the May 17 meeting at the Willows on Westfield featuring guest speaker Carolene Mays-Medley, Executive Director of White River State Park.

PRESIDENT: Samantha Hyde
PRESIDENT ELECT: Dr. David Stuhldreyer
SECRETARY: Delores Hoyt
TREASURER: John Medaris
PAST PRESIDENT: Phyllis Geeslin

Bonnie Carter
Giles Hoyt
Laura Yeo
Sue Tempero
Charles Grahn

David Cook ( 1 year term)
Dick Kitterman
Tom Dafnos
Priscilla Johnson
Richard Cohen (1 year term)

Many thanks to our Nominating Committee for its excellent work building strong leadership for our Club in its 128th year:
Carole Darst (chair)
Ann Strong
Barbara Summers
David Cook
Jamia Jacobsen
Hal Schimmelpfennig
Phyllis Geeslin (ex officio)

Thank you to everyone who attended programs this year. We certainly enjoyed great conversations and learned much over the course of the season. See you next week at the Willows!


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